We are dedicated to protecting the wilderness-like character and wildlife habitat of Green River Reservoir State Park while preserving its heritage and historical uses for future generations. 

Vision Statement

Green River Reservoir State Park (GRRSP) will continue to offer a unique wilderness–like recreational experience.

Friends of Green River Reservoir will accomplish this by providing:

  • Educational information regarding how GRRSP is understood and experienced, through publications and interpretive materials, including information on:
    • “Leave no trace,” which includes minimizing the gathering of wood for campfires.
    • The flora and fauna of the area,
    • The cultural history of the lands within or adjacent to GRRSP.
    • Other topics relevant to our mission.
  • Support for research related to the ecology, history, health and sustainability of the Green River Reservoir watershed.
  • Expertise and resources to further protection of areas within and adjacent to GRRSP that are of geological, ecological, biological interest or are of a sensitive nature.
  • Financial support to the Department of Forests,Parks and Recreation to bring about projects that further the FGRR Vision of GRRSP.

What We've Achieved

  • Developed viewshed analysis maps which were vitally important in zoning hearings and Hyde Park’s adoption of GRRSP viewshed protection regulations.
  • Worked with the Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation to complete plans for an ADA accessible trail to the reservoir.
  • Funded and published a nature field guide for the Green River Reservoir State Park.
  • Participate annually in the Vermont Center for Ecostudies' Forest Bird Monitoring Program for the GRRSP area.
  • Worked with the Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation to permit, design, and construct a new Ranger Contact Station at the park.
  • Published a new edition of a map of the Green River Reservoir in cooperation with the Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation.
  • Publish a biannual newsletter to inform members of our work, park happenings and natural history related to GRRSP.
  • Sponsor the annual cleanup at the GRRSP on Green Up Day.